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Faro Swivel Ottoman (Showroom)

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Fabric: Pet Friendly 3295

Faro Swivel Ottoman (Showroom)

The Faro Ottoman offers an elegant and minimalist look, while also being highly functional. From a table bench to a standout piece, this round and swivel seating option works wherever and however you need it to. Timeless fabric options such as upcycled leather, velvet, suede, linen, or pet-friendly suede, along with a wood base and lacquered or microtexturized carbon steel feet, provide a sophisticated impression and elevate the beauty of your space.

  • Upholstered swivel seat in upcycled leather, velvet, suede, linen or pet friendly suede
  • Base in wood
  • Feet in lacquered or micro textured carbon steel

Every measurement is an approximation at best.

Width x Depth x Height (in) Width x Depth x Height (cm)
20  x 20 x 18  51 x 51 x 47

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