Sustainability at the Core

Environmental Conservation at Hommes Design

At Hommes Design, our commitment to environmental conservation goes beyond mere words. We actively strive to incorporate sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. One of the key areas where we make a significant impact is through our suppliers, who share our vision and continuously invest in improving sustainable management throughout their production and commercial chain.

A primary focus for us is the responsible sourcing of wood, which is the main raw material used in our furniture. We prioritize working with suppliers who follow sustainable management plans that involve low-impact extraction techniques. These techniques ensure that the environment is minimally affected during the process of obtaining wood for our furniture.

In addition to responsible sourcing, our suppliers have implemented a comprehensive solid waste management plan that involves all areas of the industry. The plan aims to reduce waste disposal and promote waste reuse. By actively involving every stage of the production and supply chain, we ensure that waste generation is minimized, and valuable resources are conserved.

Water resource management is another critical aspect of our sustainability efforts. Our suppliers are dedicated to careful water management practices. They employ industrial effluent treatment methods that utilize electroflocculation, a process that efficiently removes pollutants from wastewater without the use of chemical products. This approach ensures that our water resources are protected, and any discharge from the production process meets strict environmental standards.

At Hommes Design, we take environmental legislation seriously. To minimize our ecological footprint, our suppliers strictly control industrial noise and atmospheric effluent. By adhering to established environmental regulations, we ensure that our operations have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem and neighboring communities.

In summary, at Hommes Design, we are fully committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business. By partnering with responsible suppliers, implementing responsible sourcing practices, managing waste effectively, conserving water resources, and adhering to environmental legislation, we strive to make a positive difference in the world while offering high-quality, long-lasting furniture to our valued customers.