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Bangalô Wall Unit III

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Bangalô Wall Unit III

With its light and fluid design, the Bangalô Wall Unit I boasts a unique elegance in its high-quality materials and construction. With wooden shelves and cabinets, micro-texturized carbon steel tube rods, and lacquered or micro-texturized wooden drawer fronts, it exudes sophistication. Contemporary in style, it seamlessly combines form and function, fitting well in any room of your home and becoming a focal point in your decor. It features spacious drawers enhancing your daily convenience.

  • Shelves and cabinets in wood
  • Rods in micro textured carbon steel tubes
  • Doors in lacquered or micro textured wood

Every measurement is an approximation at best.

Width x Depth x Height (in) Width x Depth x Height (m)
83  x 15  x 92  2,12 x 0,40 x 2,35
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