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Duda Counter Stool (Showroom)

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Duda Counter Stool (Showroom)

The Duda Counter Stool has been designed at the perfect height for your everyday use. Featuring a wooden frame and legs, which trace an elegant contour around the seat and backrest upholstered in upcycled leather, velvet, linen, suede, or pet-friendly suede, creating a sleek and aesthetically balanced silhouette. Designed with highly durable materials, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  • Upholstered seat and backrest in upcycled leather, velvet, linen, suede or pet friendly suede
  • Frame and legs in wood

Every measurement is an approximation at best.

Width x Depth x Height (in) Width x Depth x Height (cm)
18 x 21 x 34
46 x 55 x 88

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