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Vania Chair (Showroom)

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Vania Chair (Showroom)

The Vania chair is essential for those who want to decorate a space with elegance and prominence. This model is made with attractive finishes, which makes the overall appearance of the space even more beautiful and attention-grabbing. Additionally, the chair is made with high-quality materials, such as solid wood, ensuring a sturdy, secure, and durable piece of furniture. The seat is also made with high-quality foam, providing comfort and well-being during use. In summary, the Eloise chair offers everything necessary to maintain comfort and elegance in your home.

  • Armless dining chair
  • Upholstered seat and backrest in upcycled leather, velvet, linen, suede or pet friendly suede
  • Legs in wood. Back in laminated wood

Every measurement is an approximation at best.

Width x Depth x Height (in) Width x Depth x Height (cm)
19 x 23 x 32
48 x 59 x 83